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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

QUOTES: Reciting the Noble Qur'aan and contemplating upon it

Imaam Al-Aajurree [d.360H] - may Allah have mercy upon him - said:

"Whoever contemplates His Words, will know the Lord (azza wa jall) and he will know of His great Power and Capability, His immense Favour upon the believers, and of the obligation upon himself to worship Him. Accordingly, the person imposes this obligation upon himself - being on his guard against that which His Generous Patron and Protector (Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala) has warned of and coveting that which He has made desirous. Whoever is of this description when reciting the Qur'aan or when listening to it when recited by another, the Qur'aan will be a cure for him. He becomes rich without money, he attains power and strength without kinsfolk and finds intimacy in that which others find alienation towards. His desire when opening a surah for recitation will be When will I accede to the admonition contained within what I read? and his desire will not be When will I complete this surah? His aspiration is none other than, When will I understand what Allah is addressing me with? When will I refrain (from committing sins?) and When will I take heed?' This is because reciting the Qur'aan is worship and it is not to be done so in a state of heedlessness, and Allah is the one who grants the tawfeeq towards that."

[Akhlaaq Hamlah al-Qur'aan by Imaam Al-Aajurree pg.10]

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