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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

In defence of Hadith (8)

I just realised there was a comment on my article “Dengarlah nasihat pakar...” by Anonymous (SEPTEMBER 2, 2010 3:39 PM). The following is my brief reply.

Anonymous said:
“First of all, you must remember that human are prone to making mistake in their life. Does not matter who they are, sahabat or imam, they will write Hadith according to his understanding and interest! Eventually, the content of the Hadith is contracdicting with the Koran. That is why you have many type of Hadith, Sahih and Not Sahih. And you also have Hadith Qudsi, and Nabawi! The only word from Allah is Koran, and Hadith is word from men. You cannot compare those two.”

Mr. Anonymous arrived to the wrong conclusions again. Yes, humans are prone to make mistakes. No one doubts this! So, do you reject all scientific experiments conducted by scientists around the world? If you cannot trust humans because they are prone to mistakes, why do you trust the banks to keep your money? Why drive a car since someone may have made a mistake in the braking system? Why do you go out of the house since people are prone to mistakes and may hit you with their car or motorcycle?

Why should you trust your own understanding of the Quran when you are also human and are prone to mistakes?

Hadiths are narrations of the trustworthy companions, who loved and adore their prophet more that you do! And out of their love, they convey whatever they know, saw or heard that will be beneficial to their students to understand the Quran, therefore Islam. Isn’t this logical? And every generation does the same to the next, until the hadiths are written in the books of hadiths.
We’re talking about scholars, known trustworthy people, with good memory or written documents.

Humans make mistakes! But, the likelihood that all of them made mistakes in everything while they were scholars with good memory and trustworthy, is very minimal.

To know the mistakes, and filter the mistakes out, I mentioned several conditions in my previous articles.

If you can trust your father and mother about who your real father and mother are, whereas they are no better than these scholars who have sacrifised their lives to learn and practise Islam, surely these scholars are more worthy of our trust in their memorisation and understanding. No doubt they do make mistakes, but the hadith science contain ways to filter them out, accurately!

Anonymous said:
“But, Koran is from Allah. Allah will protect the Koran forever til Kiamat. Therefore, we should not be spending too much time focusing on studying the Hadith, instead we should change our focus and study the Koran.”

The protection of Quran includes protection of its meanings, so by necessity, the correct understanding must also be preserved, mainly through these narrations!

If you focus on Quran alone, you will not be able to understand the Quran. Do you know that the Quran translations were done with a lot of help from hadiths? Many words are double, triple or more meanings, and there is no way of knowing this except by referring to these narrations!

So you reject the narrations while at the same time using them to understand Quran?!

Anonymous said:
“Can you imagine how great would it be if all the people in Malaysia or even Indonesia where they have the most Muslims in any Muslim country in thw world, study the Koran believe in His words. Alllah will bestow upon us great victory and we will be among the winners during the Day of Judgment. But if we choose not to believe in word of Allah, then we will surely suffer the retribution from Him right here in this world. That is why you see many Muslim in the muslim country do not get the blessing from Allah. Because we do not follow the Koran anymore, instead we follow the Hadith. We speak highly of Hadith, about the science of Hadith, and how good is Abu Hurairah of his narration. But we forget to worship Allah and study the Koran. We do not speak highly of Koran instead we said Koran is not complete, hard to read and not fully detailed. But Koran stated the opposite.”

Those who study hadith are the ones who respect Quran the most! Because they understand the Quran as it was revealed!

Just look at how the Quranites pray! You say the Quran described “solat” having “bowing” and “prostrating”. I ask you, which one comes first, “bowing” or “prostrating”? How do you move from a position to the other? What do you recite? How many times? You can say anything really, but it is all your assumption and conjecture! You are not understanding Quran with its correct meaning! If you say “solat” follows the same solat muslims are performing, then you are actually following hadiths, but denying it at the same time!

Anonymous said:
“Please study the Koran and forget about how great is Hadith and its narration system! Its human made books and not from Allah. Koran is from Allah that was sent down to us though Prophet Muhammad. So, if we love Muhammad, we follow Koran only.”

Ok, let’s follow the Quran! And the Quran says:

“Say (O Muhammad to the people): If you truly love Allah, then follow me, Allah will love you and forgive your sins, and Allah is All-Forgiving All-Merciful.” [3:31]

Wait a minute!? How can I follow Muhammad when I am supposed to reject narrations regarding him???!!!!

The word “follow” (ittiba’) means follow in every detail. This verse will be considered null and void if we put aside the narrations regarding him and try to follow the Quran alone. This verse does not limit the “following” to during his lifetime alone! It was left general, hence there is no evidence to say it applies only to during the prophet’s lifetime only!

Think about it....

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